If I were still a preacher

This is what I’d say

I am proud of who I come from

Proud that I can say

Lancashire and Mayo

I count among my kin

My mother and my father

The family I’m in


But many do not have this luck

Their origins are sad

Perhaps they lost someone to death

Perhaps someone went bad

And feeling isolated

Lonely and alone

They feel now relegated

To some unworthy zone


But Jesus now gives answer

For everyone to hear

Gather round and listen

There is nothing now to fear

Whoever does the will of God

Whoever’s heart is true

That one is brother sister now

And I’m looking straight at you


Brian Fahy

17 December 2021


+ The Gospel every day speaks to us and has something to tell us. Today’s Gospel gives us the genealogy of Jesus. Family is often the greatest blessing, some times a source of sadness, and sometimes a source of deep grief to us. The family of faith is open to everyone. A good and faithful life qualifies us to be brothers and sisters together.

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