A Just Man

Sitting with my father in the pub

Was like sitting with a teacher in the Temple

I listened to his every word

The words I heard were gold

I valued them and stored them

In a pulpit they were retold


My father wasn’t garrulous

But easy company

He loved to tell a story

All the same

Sociable and affable

But solid as they come

He played at centre half

Knew how to play the game


He wasn’t one for moaning

That’s just a waste of breath

He’d seen too much of everything

He’d seen too much of death

This life is meant for living

That’s what he meant to do

Will we have another one?

We supped a favoured brew


Today Saint Joseph comes to mind

A man described as just

Zaddik the word in Hebrew

A righteous man no fuss

He hears an angel’s message

Considers in the heart

And cares for Mary and her child

Accepts and plays his part


My father had a word for it

This quality of life

There is nothing like being ‘proper’

No matter what the strife

To live your life the proper way

Treat others just the same

I heard him tell me in the pub

Well, Brian, same again?


Brian Fahy

18 December 2021


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