Rosary Beads

I’m not a great one for the Rosary

That repetitious prayer

Those hail and holy Marys

Filling all the air

But talking to Christ’s mother

Is a powerful thing to do

And one Hail Mary said today

Can do wonders now for you


I remember a congregation

Full church on their knees

Answering the Mary prayer

Raising up their pleas

Like people at a concert

Singing all in tune

The sense of solidarity

Rocket to the moon


And rosary beads are powerful

Just to hold that little band

And finger them in silence

Like holding a mother’s hand

Like prayer beads prayed by Eastern folk

Contact the divine

A daily prayer for peaceful days

That all will turn out fine


I saw my father’s rosary

Around his hands entwined

When he lay in his coffin

A strange sight to my mind

He carried them so where he went

My mother said you see

All through the war they went with him

And they brought him home to me


Brian Fahy

16 December 2021 

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