Munich Revisited

I stood on Leppings Lane

In the summer of ‘62

And cheered on Bolton Wanderers

As the best team as you do

They weren’t of course

Not by a mile

The exuberance of youth

Partisan and prejudice

A long way from the truth


And people cheer on Churchill

And memories of the war

But things are never simple

And fighting leaves a scar

And dear old Neville Chamberlain

Who tried so hard for peace

A film may rehabilitate

Wonders never cease


To view events from hindsight

Distorts the truth of things

Events around us happening now

Gives us a surer ring

And people on the stage of life

Overtaken by events

A film can help us live again

The pain and fear they felt


Avoiding war is vital

That’s the lesson we must learn

Stand and face the enemy

His feelings now discern

For guns and bombs are only things

It’s our anger and our fear

That needs our fixed attention

To bring all parties near


Brian Fahy

15 December 2021


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