Heaven’s Door

Women killed upon our streets

Children killed at home

Missing ones become murdered ones

And folk are left alone

And darkness covers all the earth

And rumours now of war

Pandemic robs us of our mirth

And Christmas comes – what for?


We have no news to lighten us

We put our bins away

My neighbour Gerry looks at me

What else is there to say?

We struggle on from day to day

The future will be bright

Some thing inside the human heart

Believes it will be right


God becomes a little child

In a stable long ago

And as a man he walked our roads

As the Gospels clearly show

His preaching and his human heart

Convince me of his truth

But it is his suffering on the cross

That gives the greatest proof


What he suffered in God’s name

The crown of thorns the spear

The abuse and the derision

Gethsemane’s night of fear

The cross he calls us now to share

Through every day we fight

Convinces me of heaven’s love

We will come into the light


Brian Fahy

16 December 2021

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