God’s Mountain

The old man climbed Croagh Patrick

I was there

I saw his steady pace his easy air

His walking stick

The hat upon his head

A fair ould climb

He’ll sleep tonight in bed


A young lad ran ahead

With lightning speed

To old advice he didn’t pay no heed

The freshness of the day

The mountain height

Enough to give that young lad sheer delight


But later on

Not far ahead he stopped

He needed breath

Enthusiasm lopped

The old man passed him out

At steady pace

Though it isn’t a competition or a race


But such is life

A mountain climb for all

And early doors we feel we’ll never fall

It’s old age brings the wisdom for the top

Just keep it steady

No need then to stop


I am that child

That young one and old man

And every day I climb as best I can

The view from here gets clearer as I climb

And from the top

Clew Bay! You are sublime!


Brian Fahy

14 December 2021

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