Not Alone

Children take their teddies up to bed

Someone by their side the night ahead

And going to school quickly they make friends

Fall out of course but quickly make amends


Tom Hanks in that film fell out the sky

And lived for years alone just sea and sky

Except that football with its painted face

Became his friend helped him last the pace


I like many others live alone

But realise I need to hear the tone

Of other people’s voices hereabout

At bus stop and in shop when I am out


We cannot live alone we won’t survive

The company of others helps us thrive

The daily to and fro the give and take

The prayer to God our hope of heaven to make


My inner voice is always on the go

My inner life I must be good to know

The open door to let the Lord walk in

To welcome him today come in come in


Brian Fahy

14 December 2021



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