A Goodly Brew

I loved a pint of beer in the evening

And someone at a table by my side

To sit and talk and sip awhile

And let the evening shade

Settle down around us now

My feelings to beguile


There was no woman in my life

To charm and comfort me

Only the quiet monastery

And news on the BBC

A stroll down to the Oxford Arms

And into its back den

And a soothing pint of Guinness

Would end my day back then


In later days and crisis time

A country pub sufficed

The Greyfriar in Chawton

Nothing overpriced

A quiet pint of Hampshire ale

Jane Austen’s house nearby

And Ed my friend for company

As I waited by and by


Real ale has always been my friend

Strong and honest true

The Torbrex Inn has goodly pints

A real refreshing brew

But lately and just like my dad

I have come surprisingly

To settle for that other brew

A lovely cup of tea


Brian Fahy

13 December 2021

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