Monastic Ruins


We could not believe our eyes

Those tall twin towers

Collapsing from the skies

The violence and the ruin

The tragic loss of life

The modern day spectacular

Planes used as a knife


Dotted in our landscape

Familiar to our eyes

Mute monastic buildings

Open to the skies

Architectural wonders

Destroyed upon the whim

Of a dissolute man a scoundrel

They called him England’s king


A way of life society

He brought an end to all

Stroke of a pen and hanging tree

Ensured monastic fall

He sold the land quite cheaply

And pocketed the cash

Five hundred millions pounds of it

On this monastic bash


Five hundred years they’ve stood there

Open to the sky

We walk around our mouths agape

Do we know the reason why?

This was catholic England

We view with protestant eyes

A tragedy we split apart

The faith our common prize


Brian Fahy

9 December 2021


+ Three books I have my eyes on now to read:

The Dissolution of the Monasteries by James G Clark

The Voices of Morebath by Eamon Duffy

The Stripping of the Altars by Eamon Duffy

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