Heart To Heart

I was a catholic boy

In a protestant town

Of Irish family

Living on English ground


Interesting perspective

From the very start

Questions of allegiance

Questions of the heart


Antipathies lay dormant

Peace was all I knew

Tyldesley folk were friendly

An English Irish stew


Centenaries are ringing out

In Ireland today

The tragedy of the Treaty

Lloyd George’s clever play


Those times were times of bloodshed

Millions had died

A little blood in Ireland

To save the Empire’s pride


And Collins the great hero

Tall and handsome man

Fighting for his country

Always on the run


Unfinished business flared again

The Troubles took its toll

And innocents were killed again

Their names in honour roll


How easily our blood can boil

Especially when we’re young

How easily our life can end

In the using of a gun


Rights and wrongs are everywhere

Once the fighting starts

So persevere in dialogue

For the unity of hearts


Brian Fahy

11 December 2021


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