Walking To Wigan

He walked to school down Printshop

Carried his sister on his back

All the world before him

What would be his track?

Coop turned him down – wrong school

So Michael went down the pit

Only fourteen years of age

Hardly fit for it


Four years in that darkness

Then he walked to Wigan

Joined the British army

Took the old king’s shilling

Didn’t tell his parents

They would disagree

But he needed to be living

He needed to be free


Six years he signed up for

Enjoyed the life so free

In that Indian sunshine

As lovely as can be

Letter in his pocket

Arsenal fancied him

Then came Mister Hitler

The world was turning grim


Six more years of fighting

Desert sands and heat

Freezing cold at night time

Life can have you beat

Made it back to Blighty

Met and married Mum

Off again the next day

Normandy and the Hun


Encounter there in Meinstedt

Michael on patrol

Arrests a German soldier

Puts him on the dole

Turns out that man is Himmler

Power of Nazi might

All the evil of the war

Stopped without a fight


Home again and down the mine

Family to feed

The boy who walked to Wigan

Now knows his own creed

We follow in his footsteps

Proud to call him Dad

His name is Michael Fahy

Best dad I ever had


Brian Fahy

9 December 2021

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