Land Of The Free

Couldn’t believe my eyes today

That senator I see

With family holding rifles

Around the Christmas tree

All beaming smiling faces

I am sure you will agree

But what gives with the rifles?

Dearie dearie me


I do not know America

So do not understand

Why bearing arms seems vital

In that ginormous massive land

A hundred killings every day

I am given to understand

But that translates to two a day

In tiny UK land


And films I see on Netflix

Are violence and guns

And justice amounts to vengeance

On baddies and on Huns

And daily papers over here

Say ‘throw away the key’

When locking up child killers

Where is the hanging tree?


Our fight against disease and such

Nurses doctors all

We nobly fight pandemic now

Obey the siren call

But spiritual health is waning

And soon will come the storm

All children need our loving now

This is no false alarm


We said goodbye to worlds at war

We wasted lives so true

And now another form of war

Is attacking me and you

The unseen war the Internet

That ruins all around

Pornography greed and robbery

Disturb the solid ground


In England broken monasteries

Stand on holy ground

Reminding us of former days

And power’s ugly sound

We cannot go on living

As if there’s not a care

Stand up each day for all that’s good

The Lord says ‘be aware’


Brian Fahy

6 December 2021


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