A sudden nosebleed

Sticks me to my chair

Recliner chair lie back

And stem the tide

No beaver dam

Just hanky by my side

It turns United red

From Bolton white

My pride


The flow of blood

Great sign of life in me

A change from clots

And embolism pulmonary

Little tablets fluent keep the blood

And keep me moving

Something understood


I got a shock

To think I could have died

From a sharp pain

Appearing in my side

Is this potentially serious? Said I

It’s potentially fatal

The doctor’s reply


My mother died God bless her

From old age

She died of nothing serious

Said the sage

My father well

War and work had worn him out

And cigarettes are a crime

He managed it to 71

But died before his time


A friend of mine has died

Prompting this display

But life is lovely

I savour every day

My days of darkness

Now are left behind

What lies ahead

I hope and think is kind


Brian Fahy

6 December 2021

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