Papal Pronouncement

I didn’t make pope

It’s not on my CV

Priest and prison pastor

Prefect of students

Seminary professor

Parish priest and parish mission preacher

But never pope or bishop

There you go


Francis present pope

He has the human touch

The human face the world

Looked out to see

Benedict the scholar

Has given us powerful stuff

His writings good

Solid theology

And the chap that came before them

The polish pope we say

Dynamic guy the actor

Heavy theology


Alphonsus told his fellows

Be careful how you live

People are more impressed by what they see

Than by anything they hear

Our modern visual age

All TV screens and pictures

Follows what it sees

Not what it thinks


In fact I think it thinks what it sees

Moving along with moving images

Not much depth to life these days

Just stimuli each day

Signs of life or maybe

Signs of decay


John Paul came out of Poland

And shook the liberal West

Our idea of freedom

Does not meet the test

Benedict the scholar

Thinking all the time

Offers us good teaching

Till his own decline

Now Francis is the Church’s face

A human face and heart

His stature and the way he lives

Helps us to play our part


Brian Fahy

3 December 2021


+ Last night I watched again the film Two Popes, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. In that film we hear the great line uttered by the character of Bergoglio – ‘Holy Father, the truth may be vital, but without love it is unbearable.’


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