Love and Truth


It beggars belief

To hurt a child

The child was not her own

Broken homes and families

Bring broken hearts to burn

With anguish and with anger

Anger that we turn

Upon a child an innocent

One who cannot harm

All hidden from the public gaze

So none to raise alarm


The woman would not come upstairs

To face what she has done

Hide from others hide from self

Hide it from the sun

But all that’s hidden comes to light

Truth will out you see

And though we turn our face away

Everyone will see


Maxwell tells the servants

Don’t look him in the eye

Do the job we pay you for

And if you must reply

Look about you round the room

Or out the window spy

But Epstein does not like you

To look him in the eye


Truth and love essential

Two popes tell us so

The light of truth on everything

Love where e’er you go

Rid your life of all that’s dark

Every little lie

Practise love for everyone

Children should not die


Brian Fahy

3 December 2021



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