The Life That God Wants

I’m lucky me

Got a cosy home

Had my booster jabs

Got a telephone

Food upon the table

Make my soda bread

Son and family live nearby

Stirling born and bred


Brother came to visit me

Looking very well

Enjoyed our days together

Before the cold snow fell

Family I come from

From Ireland and the west

Lovely people solid clan

I count among the best


These days seem full of darkness

A constant cloudy grim

Covid has us cowering

Underneath all sin

Schoolgirl stabbed in Liverpool

Total total shock

But black lads knived in London

As regular as clock


Paul speaks up in Advent

Love the human race

Keep on making progress

Show the holy face

Every day and every town

Struggles to survive

Live your life in gentleness

Keep this world alive


Brian Fahy

29 November 2021

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