Positional Play

I was captain of the football team at college

We didn’t play that many games

Just occasional fixtures

As a result we didn’t meet for tactics

Or plan how we would play

Just took the field

Relying on our talent to sustain us

We had good players

We’d play we wouldn’t yield


One day we went to Oscott

Up in Brum

I decided that we needed to have a talk

Would they be receptive to my idea?

Or would they tell me go and take a walk?


I wouldn’t say too much

Just one idea

I sat them down and

Drew upon a board

The man who has the ball is not important

It’s those who want the pass

Who need to move


I called my plan

Creative alternatives

Give the man all options as you can

Make it easy for him to make a pass

Give him the luxury of choice

That’s all I ask


They liked what I had said

The idea sank in

We went to Brum

And played them off the park

And Father Parker

Faithful Burnley man

Came up to me at half time and he said

In all my years of watching college football

I’ve never seen a performance to match that


It’s more than fifty years

Since that game

But it stays with me

It makes me feel so proud

Just one idea simply said and spoken

Transformed a bunch of lads into a team


The idea comes from the Lord

It’s simply given

Be servants of one another is the theme

It worked for me in football

It will work for you in life

You might be the man on the ball

But it’s the others all around you

Who will make it worth the while


And in old age

My grandsons have the ball

And I take up positions close beside

I am there to help them play

You see I know the way

I’ll cheer them on

Each dog must have its day


Brian Fahy

28 November 2021

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