I don’t go to church anymore

Except online

I like to keep in touch

Keep an eye on Francis

Wander round ChurchTV

Join in night prayer

Like family

Listen for a sermon now and then

It’s the word I need to hear

The word that drives out fear

The word inspiring

As I thought to preach


Like sitting at the edge of a crowd

Or at the back of church

A quiet pew

I don’t want to get involved these days

You see

I was involved

My whole long life you see


Not easy to take a pew

When the pulpit was your game

I’ve graduated now

Not reduced

I’ve gone beyond that role

Reclaiming what they stole

My repressed self unfolded

When Maggie loved my soul


I believe in our dear Lord

I believe in every word

And so I read the scripture every day

I follow daily mass

Solidarity in tune

Part of life’s great pilgrimage of grace

But the writing is on the wall

For a failing clerical call

Tomorrow’s world

Will see a different face


Brian Fahy

29 November 2021

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