Fr Patrick O’Brien RIP


A man of God ahead of his times

A wise and holy man

Humble and human

Some of the things they said

A long list of condolences

Now that he is dead


A facility with language

A love of poetry

Kind to all who met him

Brilliant and unassuming

Interesting homilies for sure

A pleasure to have known him

A pleasure always to meet

A motorbike enthusiast

That took me by surprise

A man of the people

Kindness in his eyes

A good man a good priest

Absolute gentleman


I had heard about this man

Never met him

He was priest in Kilmeena for a while

A parish that took in Fahy

Ancestor country

We had that in common

Priesthood too

And a love of poetry


So it is only right and fitting

On hearing of his death

And seeing how the people

Loved him so

To record for your kind reading

This pastor of the west

This man of Mayo

Pat O’Brien

God bless


Brian Fahy

28 November 2021

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