The Will To Live

I read a book when young

Obedient Men

A haunting read

The time of the Great War

A young man joins the Jesuits


And leaving later

Talks about their style


I lived in obedience all my life

To mother father school and church

Yes church

And church drilled in obedience

Morning noon and night

Child to manhood

I never knew my might


Always doing all that I was told

Until collapse

And then the truth came out

Who do you think you are?

Who am I?

And counselling

Assisted by a sister

I found my power

I will speak for I


Brian Fahy

19 November 2021


+ I have been for counselling twice in my life. The first time was with a religious sister who was trained in ‘Psychosynthesis’, a branch of psychotherapy developed by Roberto Assagioli. From those meetings I came into possession of my own will power to be fully responsible for my own life. Until then I had lived totally in obedience to others, and this had blocked the development of personal responsibility fully flourishing.


It was a life-changing experience. Out of crisis came the full flourishing of my life.

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