The Things We Say

‘Whited sepulchres’ he called them

Pointing to corruption in his day

He never insulted anyone

Simply told the truth

Sometimes hard to swallow

But that’s the way


No point in hurting people

Just to hurt

And give excuse for self-defence writ large

Always respect the person

Though they don’t respect you back

Point but to the truth

That way stay on track


The Lord engaged with people


It is our daily challenge

Be mindful what you say

They called the Lord a devil

Discredited his word

Attacked him in the darkness

With cowardly club and sword


Our world of social media

Delights in throwing stones

Verbal attack the game they play

We’ll never make old bones

Let every word you utter

Be fair considered well

Not merely good intentioned

That’s called the road to hell


Brian Fahy

19 November 2021

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