Poetry in Pendleton

It must have been obvious to anyone

That I was a burdened soul just plodding on

The old priest never said a thing

Just gave me a card that held some lettering


Poetry of John Donne was what I saw

Telling me of God’s seasons how they fall

How summer out of winter straight can spring

If we seek his mercy he will bring


I never realised how well he saw

The sorrow in my heart I just withdraw

Only later did I truly see

How gentle that old priest had been with me


Mind you he was sickly too

Suffered from TB a long way back

And worse he supported Man United

And as we know there is no cure for that


Brian Fahy

19 November 2021


+ In 1979 I gave a two week mission at St Peter and Paul’s Church Pendleton, Manchester. An old priest and his lovely housekeeper welcomed me and looked after me during that time. Father Jack O’Keefe was his name. Some people you never ever forget.


He can bring thy summer out of winter

Though thou have no spring

All occasions invite his mercies

And all times are his seasons


– from John Donne


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