Adventus Domini

Christmas Day New Year’s Day

Elvis’ birthday mine

These are the great festivals

Of this winter time

In the depth of winter

People looked for light

The Christian Gospel took that cue

And Christ is born on Christmas night


Old year ending gloomily

Portents of the end

Suddenly turns to expectation

Advent time forfends

Put a brightness in your eyes

See a child is born

The dying of the old year

Brings a brighter morn


Christ is born the morning star

Glistens in the sky

And shepherds watching in the night

Know the reason why

The circle of the turning year

The cycle of my life

All found and centred on this child

The Lord is born this night


Brian Fahy

18 November 2021


+ Christmas, New Year, Elvis’ birthday and mine all fall neatly seven days after one another. Next birthday Elvis would be 87 years old. I will be 75.

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