Winter in Wisconsin

The first snow has fallen in Wisconsin

Lake water is shelving into ice

Warmer clothes are rescued from the cupboard

Defence against the coming winter’s vice


This news comes here to me in sunny Scotland

Still basking in a warm November breeze

Carried through the ether from my cousin

Across the pond and America’s big freeze


I have found myself a late and lovely friend

A cousin not long lost just never known

The son of the son of Ellen granddad’s sister

Gone to America never to come home


We’ve talked by text exchanged so many stories

Filling in great gaps of lives unknown

And discovering simple things about each other

Writing I find better than the phone


Reclaiming long lost stories is a treasure

To gather up the people who belong

And to make a new connection in so doing

Means a family can forever sing the song


Brian Fahy

17 November 2021

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