Polmaise Wood

Rubble stones lie overgrown

In a nearby local wood

Once a lovely castle and a home

Landed gentry owned the land

Coal seams found below

So they built a lovely castle

A picture tells me so


A painting by a local lass

Jane Anne Wright

Who travelled round this area

An invalid with fight

Immobilised from accident

She filled her life with light

Watercolour paintings

Of everything in sight


The well to do were Murrays

Their home a sight to see

The coal dug out from underground

Meant a monument of degree

Beautiful Scots baronial

Lovely to behold

A home for a family

Till the day it had to fold


The family had an only son

He went to fight in France

The Great War took him overseas

Guess he never had a chance

They lost their son maybe their fight

Lived on as twilight fell

Too costly now to keep it up

So it was blown to hell


Only sorry stones remain

Silent in a wood

And a painting hanging on a wall

Where the artist one time stood

Depicting beauty on a frame

Polmaise Castle fine

Before the family fortune fell

And a son before his time


Brian Fahy

17 November 2021

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