Where Poppies Grow


I have never bought a poppy in my life

Never worn one never wanted to

I respect those who wear them

Respect the memory too

But I don’t believe in armies

I don’t like the things they do


Would I have been a ‘conscy’? I don’t know

Back then and young

Might have been keen to go

And fall in Flanders Field

Just like Uncle John

Out to do my bit

We shall not yield


And being half Irish

There’s a problem with the Brits

And what they did in Ireland

In their day

And what they did in Kenya

In India Malay

We’re as bad as one another

Your turn to have your say


So I’d rather leave the poppy

In the field

And let it grow to greatness

Where it blooms

And I’ll quietly remember

My uncles on this day

And all who are still falling

As we fight to get our way


Brian Fahy

14 November 2021

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