I visited Orvieto

In the summer of ‘82

Newly arrived in Italy

Learning what to do

Learning the lingo

A month in language school

A day out with classmates

Italian so cool


Visited the Duomo

Walls of black and white

A hill town in Umbria

A wonderful sight

Now I live in Stirling

It too volcanic stump

But we do not have the wine

Or the weather – take the hump


But today I bought a bottle

Of the wine of Umbria

Orvieto Classico Secco

And pizza Margharita

And sitting in my kitchen

I toasted family all

And Whatsapped my siblings

And had myself a ball


And thinking of my people

And how I really felt

I told them just how good they were

With the cards that they were dealt

And I remembered Orvieto

Old Town is its name

And I love my family one by one

Wouldn’t you just do the same?


Brian Fahy

13 November 2021



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