Avoiding War

Six years in the army

Then six years of war

Enough for my father

He didn’t want any more

Not for him reunions

Or marching in the street

He wanted to forget it all

The nightmares in his sleep


He joined to escape from poverty

From the misery of the mine

And found himself in India

That was a happy time

And promises of football

Arsenal wanted him

Until a certain Mister Hitler

Put the kybosh on that plan


He rarely spoke about the war

The nightmares fade away

And he wasn’t too impressed

With the officers of the day

He concluded it was madness

To go to war at all

And he didn’t want reminding

Of the brutality of it all


Schoolboys fighting in a yard

Silly silly game

Grown men fighting on a football field

Silly just the same

Blast the ship from under you

Then pick you from the sea

And shake your hand in no man’s land

Our rank hypocrisy


An argument occurs

Work it out together

Help of others community

Holds us to our tether

And if we meet a Hitler

Determined to destroy

Let him stew in his own juice

He’ll collapse you’ll see my boy


Brian Fahy

14 November 2021

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