The Way

Who could hope for more

If the Lord had not gone before

And lost his life in love for us

And lost it on the cross

Who could meet his dying day

With calm serenity and pray

My life I hope to win

When all is lost


My father lost his speech

In final days

Oxygen to brain

To make a phrase

Lay still in bed four days

To wait the end

A gentle man

The Lord to be his friend


The Lord upon the cross

Shows how to die

Parting words of love

For you and I

And yielding up his spirit at the last

Reveals all sorrows end

All sorrows pass


The joy of resurrection day

Too bright

For mournful women

Is this truly light?

Until the Lord so gently

Says her name


The world no more the same


Brian Fahy

14 November 2021  


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