The Present Tense

Death and taxes so they say

Everything else is negotiable

And here am I this sunny day

Feeling rather sociable


Saturday morning freedom song

No school no work to do

Take my time the day is long

The sky is Saltire blue


A little foraging for food

A walk in God’s fresh air

Another day for doing good

And live without a care


I care for people that I love

But not anxiety

Commend them to the God above

In daily piety


A wise old priest once said to me

We must help each other live

And when it comes the time to die

Our love is there to give


Let prayer infuse your every day

From early light till dark

The Lord attends to what you say

And prayer will hit the mark


Do not lose heart the good Lord says

The time to live is now

God is in the present tense

And faithful to his vow


Brian Fahy

13 November 2021

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