The Kingdom Of God Is Among You

God is in this quiet silent space

This semi darkness early morning light

Where flickering flame in sanctuary

Beckons to my face

Come close come quiet

Where your feet alight


This holy house

In morning darkness warm

Embraces me with holy incense charm

And tabernacled Lord

All presence here

Invites to reverence

Have no doubt no fear


The holy truth I found on Tyldesley Road

In Hindsford church

So quiet long ago

Is gone from there

The place all shuttered closed

Where do I find him now?

The one true Lord


I find him

Whenever I turn to pray

When in the silence say hello good day

I find him now

In thinking of that time

When just a boy

And learning how to rhyme


I stepped into that little house of prayer

And saw the flame the candle glow

And there

Upon the altar robed in cloth of green

A tabernacle

Home to God unseen


Brian Fahy

11 November 2021

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