What Is Life ?

Ten lepers cried to Jesus

And were healed

One came back in utter thankfulness

All were plagued and all were healed

But only one came back

His healing all the fuller

For the fact


We all are plagued in some way

In this life

No one goes scot free on life’s rough road

We ask the Lord for healing

Ask it each new day

And discover the power of gratitude

To help you on your way


Nine went on

Heedless of the help

That set them free gave them life anew

And maybe they grew selfish

Eager for life’s toys

Forgetful of their suffering

But no nearer to life’s joys


If life is just a happenstance

Well just get on with it

Here awhile and then we’re gone for good

But if life is a promise

And a gift from God above

Then live the day in gratefulness

Transform your life with love


Brian Fahy

10 November 2021

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