Myrtle and Mulranny

Blue bins are brought inside before a storm

Myrtle Beach knows all about alarm

But one blue bin escaped the great collection

And wind and wave have caused a great defection


The blue bin bobbed along the eastern coast

Enjoying life at sea it made the most

Then seated snugly on the Gulf Stream Jet

Took off for places it had never met


It bobbed along across the ocean main

A route well known to Atlantic liners fame

Did it cross the spot where Titanic met its doom?

It just kept going surely landfall soon?


And landfall came by mighty Achill Head

Our bin sailed on landfall straight ahead

It spied Mulranny Beach I know it well

And came to rest from out the ocean swell


A lesson here for all of us to learn

The tides of ocean bind us front and stern

And plastic bins and rubbish need our care

If we’re to live and breathe in good clean air


Brian Fahy

11 November 2021

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