A Shared Life

I stood beside my mother

At daddy’s grave

Do you think there is an afterlife? She said

I felt sudden surprise at such a question

Aren’t you the one that taught me

About the dead!


And then I thought fair play

To doubt is fine

Even my mammy is allowed to doubt


She who was my source of life and love

Can wonder at the ways of God above


Her final home in Ireland

Felt a shrine

To homeliness and goodness

A glass of wine

She lived beside my sister

Grandsons at her door

She prayed her way to heaven

I am sure


A simple prayer

Joins this world and the next

Be sure to live in this one

Don’t be vexed

My father picked his horses

My mother made the tea

And when he won she kissed him

Are those winnings now for me!


Brian Fahy

10 November 2021

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