I Found You

Like rushing to a station

To find the train has gone

I am catching up on stories long ago

I felt a pang of sadness

To hear that she had died

So young so young

In Chicago

In the January snow


A birth with complications

The little baby died

Five days later Ellen too was gone

An Irish bride four children born

Her story sadly closed

And lost to me these hundred years

But now it can live on


Her photograph entrances me

On her wedding day

Hair high up pinned back and all

On her head a spray

And Michael there beside her

Big and powerful man

Life was all before them

Joy and tragedy


There’s a simple stone in Hillside

Among the thousands there

Ellen Devanie 1923

Soon there comes centenary

I’ve caught the train at last

I salute you granddad’s sister

The future and the past


Brian Fahy

6 November 2021


+ Thanks to my second cousin, Michael Devanie, in Wisconsin, I now know the story of Ellen Fahey Devanie. Her burial place is world famous. Mount Carmel Cemetery, Chicago, is the resting place of archbishops and gangsters, including of course a certain Al Capone.

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