Good Shepherds

John Paul dramatic actor powerful Pole

Benedict professor hallowed hall

Francis familiar friend

Easy way

All three good leaders in their day


Shepherd of the flock a vital task

Keep the sheep together need you ask

Father to a family

Mother to a child

Keep us safe from the wolf and wild


I too a shepherd I have sheep

Lambs to care for watch them as they sleep

Guide by my example

Bring them safely home

Keep an eye out wherever they may roam


Too many folk are sheep without a shepherd

Wandering lost a desert now their home

Not knowing where they’re going

Not knowing what to do

A danger to themselves and maybe you


I thank the Lord for shepherds in my life

For mother father brother sisters too

For all who showed they cared for me

And gave their love the most

Without good shepherds all of us are lost


Brian Fahy

5 November 2021

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