All Who Sail In Her

Five days it took to cross the sea

Queenstown to New York

The age of steam and steam ships

Glasgow city pride

Magnificent constructions

Glamorous too inside


RMS Caronia has a special place

In my mind in my family

Great Aunt Ellen took this ship

June Nineteen O Nine

Going to America

And all that she might find


She found a husband found a home

Found a family

Living in Chicago

Gangsters on the spree

Blessed with little children

Life sailing along

Until a fateful day

And a sad funereal song


The RMS Caronia

Still sailed the open sea

Carrying its passengers

To new lives hopefully

She was the first to warn of ice

To a ship then New York bound

1912 the fateful year

Titanic the fateful sound


Brian Fahy

6 November 2021

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