The Upside Of Life

We are not here

Just to please our selves

We’d get bored very quickly

If we tried

There’s a purpose to our life

A journey to be made

A maturing of the spirit

Deep inside


We belong to one another

And we need each other’s help

The give and take of kindness

Every day

A life of simple living

The taking and the giving

Encouragement to help us

On our way


In days of dark depression

I found wisdom in a friend

A counsellor who listened

To my heart

And I learned from that day forward

To banish from my mind

The power of negative thoughts

Before they start


The truth is we are good

And yes we have our faults

And for our sins we willingly


But negative drags you down

And would willingly wear your crown

It’s an upstart crow deserving of

Bad cess


You are a child of God

And that’s the truth

So learn to find yourself

Reclaim your youth

The joy you knew as child

Is hidden deep inside

Go look and see

You’ll find a smile

So wide


Brian Fahy

2 November 2021


+ Aaron Beck, the pioneer of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has died, aged 100. This science does not deal with our childhood history but with our present ways of thinking and behaving. Most importantly it stressed how damaging negative thinking is on our lives. Negative thoughts do not express the truth of who we are, but they claim to do so, persuading us that we are worthless.


When I recovered from a period of depression the greatest benefit I found was an ability to recognise and banish any negative thoughts about myself. It is a tremendous relief to emerge from the darkness and to live in a positive world.

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