Witness Before The World


I want to live

In the consciousness of Christ

To live in his presence

He in mine

I want to see clear-eyed

Into the future

I want a sharp awareness

Of the time


When young I found the Lord

In holy bread

In tabernacle home

And holy light

And as I heard the gospel read

The more convinced became

This is the man

This gospel must be right


I struggled then

Along the priestly road

Dressed in solemn black

Clerical load

The trappings of religion

Left me cold

Except the living word

When told out bold


But outward forms

Are booming empty shells

Ritual rigmarole and bells

Unless we sit in silence

At his side

And let the Lord advise

And criticise


Today All Saints

Reminders loud and clear

Be as pure as Christ

And drive out fear

Witnesses of beatitude

Let us live the same

The world is won by witnesses

All Saints won the game


Brian Fahy

1 November 2021  

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