Antonio Conte

Latin and Greek I learned at school

I loved them totally

Later on Italian

Somewhat haphazardly

Now another language

I never heard before

Until Antonio Conte

Came to Tottenham’s door


Antonio could be Greek you know

He has that southern look

He comes from Lecce way down south

Heel of the Italian foot

Salento is the area

Southern Italy

The Greeks came there long time ago

Their language still exists


Griko is the language

I learned a phrase today

‘I always think of you’

In Griko I can say

‘Evo panta se sena penseo’

Sounds so more appealing

Cannot let it go


Antonio on the touchline

Running up and down

Sometimes he’ll be smiling

Sometimes wear a frown

But always he’ll be feeling

And he’ll let you know

Evo panta se

Sena penseo


Brian Fahy

2 November 2021

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