The Holidays

You didn’t like the sand between your toes

My mother laughs remembering the time

When Blackpool was a substitute for Mayo

My face in photo bitter as the brine


Lanky folk had nowhere else to go

Just seaside pleasure beach a week or two

They went in droves together from their work

Wakes Week there’d be a photo too


Communal existence was their life

Work beside each other every day

Then off by charabanc to get sea air

And photo in the local to show they’d been away


We didn’t join that annual procession

Mammy saved all year to get away

Off from Tyldesley station Mayo bound

To stay with cousins while they save the hay


I’m grateful to my mammy for so much

Those summer days embedded in my heart

No matter how confused I later felt

I knew that life was lovely from the start


I see today a lady from Dunbar

Lately dead is headed for repose

Faulmore beside the sea her final resting place

I hope she doesn’t get sand between her toes


Brian Fahy

3 November 2021

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