As I Recall

They were slaves weren’t they!

The folk that lived in Tyldesley

Coal mines and cotton mills

And factory Ward and Goldstone


Nowt else for it

But grim and grinding work

Digging in the dark

Standing at a loom

Bending over a bench

All day long


Industrial revolution

I believe

Grim and grimy streets

No sunshine

Narrow houses

Lanes and ginnels meet

Chimneys tall pithead gear

Smoke and soot

Rheumy chests and phlegm


King Coal King Cotton

Mighty powered the land

And some folk got the benefit

Posh houses very grand

But the labour force

Had nothing

Nothing to sing about

A pint of beer

The comfortable gill

A Saturday night

Just grist to someone’s mill


Stout folk goodly folk

Rose above the times

Proud folk honest folk

Reason had and rhymes

Kept allotments whippets too

Pigeons in the air

They made a life worth living

In that foggy smoggy air


Brian Fahy

2 November 2021

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