Redemptorist Reminder

‘I could stand in the rain and snow

And I could listen to him all day’

Wasn’t that a nice thing to hear!

Wasn’t that a nice thing to say!


A Dublin woman in London

Talking would you believe about me!

A Mayo lady told me

And walked home laughingly


But I saw a priest this evening

Indeed I know him well

Well enough to know

I’d buy whatever he’d sell


A thinker and a writer

A teacher of the heart

The words he utters worthy words

From a deep well they start


Tonight he spoke of conscience

The depth the heart of man

And how good it is to find someone

And talk as best we can


The priest became redundant

When the confessional box was closed

But the chance of gentle counselling

Is a godsend heaven knows


The Lord gives invitation

All burdened come to me

The yoke I offer easy

My burden light you’ll see


Brian Fahy

31 October 2021


+ I was a young priest in Clapham, south London, in 1971, and a parishioner, Mamie Coyle Mooney, from Geesala in Erris told me about my Dublin lady admirer.

+ This evening I caught the end of a sermon by Raphael Gallagher CSsR inviting people to use confession again. Not for the old trotting out of sins, but to express the human heart and find relief from stress and to gain peace of mind.

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