The Lost Tribe

Three yellowed pages

Full of names

Lay in my drawer for thirty years


Occasionally I’d look at them

And wonder who they are

And how they are getting on

But they live so very far


A lady came from America

Nancy was her name

She wrote down names

Addresses too

In case one day I came

But I never crossed the ocean

U S a foreign field

Ah well it’s nice to know their names

Maybe one day they’ll yield


Well now they have

I’m glad to say

Thank God for Internet

The world is now connected

We can meet

I have made connection

Second cousins

Out Chicago way

And emails fly across the main

No fear of wind or wave


I know my cousins one and all

On my mother’s side

And dad’s relations Lancashire

They too I can confide

But the gang out in Chicago

Israel’s lost tribe

I hunt you down I find you

The joy of family vibe


Brian Fahy

31 October 2021

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