A Ploughman’s Prayer

A farmer ploughing fields beside Lough Mask

Sunshine on the plough

The horse at his task

Suddenly a bell begins to chime

The midday hour

The Angelus

Remembering the time

When Mary answered yes to Gabriel

And Christ began his journey

All is well


The farmer pulled the reins

The plough stopped still

Man and horse together

Do God’s will

The world is still

Man and beast at prayer

Only the tinkling bell

Disturbs the Mayo air


This image and this story come to me

This Sunday morning

Internet courtesy

The boy who saw his father stopped in prayer

Tells the story from his pulpit there

In Ballyhaunis Mayo

On this day

When all the world is gathering to say

Time for man and nature to be at one

The plough the horse the field

The shining sun


And will we listen?

Answer nature’s prayer

Like Mary long ago

The angel there

Let Christ be born again in every place

Let Christ be born in me

And in our human race


Brian Fahy

31 October 2021

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