Local Rivalry

I have always to this day

‘Not liked United’

Not hatred understand

Not animosity

It’s the banter of local rivalry

It’s David and Goliath

The giant and the little shepherd boy


I remember coaches

Parked in Elliot Street

Heading for Old Trafford

In the smoke

While we went down to Burnden

Round the corner

They thought us poor relations

And a joke


But Bolton is human sized

And homely

Our ground beside the railway line

So near

The Embankment roar

On Sat’day afternoons

The sight of Nat and Franny

Ever dear


And Tyldesley my home town

A cosy village feel

Coal mines and cotton mills around

And flat caps by the dozen

And whippets on a lead

A lovely place to live

We call Home Ground


You don’t have to raise your voice

In Tyldesley

Heard you first time

Thought I’d just ignore

The screams and shouts

The Stretford End

The monster Manchester

Follow Wanderers

Follow evermore


Brian Fahy

25 October 2021

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