Erris Echoes

They carried their lives

In their language

Their stories and history they told

Who came from where

And who married whom

And who went away

And wasn’t she bold


Their language bound them together

They knew when to say and be dumb

You have to live with your neighbours

From dawn to late setting sun


They told their stories at evening

When the day and hard work was done

Their language was pure entertainment

Music debate and great fun


I remember my aunts round the table

Discussing the Erris they left

Powerful women each one of them

The land now without them bereft


The wide open sky and the hillsides

The roads and the miles that they walked

Came alive in my heart then forever

As they talked and they talked and they talked


Brian Fahy

25 October 2021


+ I read today of a lady who died in Bangor but who came from Glencullen Upper. The old ones are going, I said to myself. Then I remembered the echo of conversations in my home in Tyldesley, Lancashire, as my mammy and her sisters talked of home.


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