Noisy Neighbours

Crowds are impatient of delay

Fed on success

They cannot cope with less

We are who we are

We always get our way

United keep on stuttering

Since the Fergie day


Crowds can only talk

In cheers and boos

And funny songs to sing

When all goes well

Except the crowd in Liverpool

That’s a choir on song

Break your heart to hear them sing

You’ll never walk alone


David Moyes has come up trumps

Sound and solid guy

United hoped for same success

Allowing him to try

But Moyes was not the problem

The old guard would not change

And Fergie there like Hamlet’s ghost

The world to rearrange


The spotlight now on Solskjaer

His future now at stake

And mutterings against the players

Are some just on the make?

But I look at supporters

Brought up on too rich fare

They need some gruel and porridge

A time of hodden wear


Brian Fahy

25 October 2021


+ Being a Bolton supporter humility comes natural to us.

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