I Was Here

My grandsons grabbed

That plastic packet of pencils

Eager to make their mark

Have you got paper, granddad?

Their question stark

We pretended that we hadn’t

Time now to go home

They’ll make their mark all right

Wherever in life they roam


Our mark says

‘I was here’

I remember as a child

Carving my initials on the gate

BF aged 9 the penknife made

BF aged 11 would follow

The gate long gone

So many marked tomorrows


Our final mark we know

Will be made for us

Here lies in loving memory

On stone

But the important marks

What are they?

What mark of us remains

When we are gone?


There is a mark

Hangs over all the world

A wooden cross that stood

At Calvary

The mark of love

Of sacrifice

A cruel waste it seemed

But rising from the dead

Love is not a dream


Brian Fahy

26 October 2021

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