Social Care


I came home from Rome

And from my studies

And found my dad

Studying the form

I consulted him

About the state of the nation

This miners’ strike

What’s the right and wrong?


There’s right and wrong on both sides

First he told me

But what disturbs me most

To you I’ll tell

No one has a good word for the miners

For TV and for papers

The miners can go to hell


My father had been a miner

Knew the game

Had been a soldier too

Been through a war

Experience of life

He had in spades

A calmness unperturbed

His eyes saw far


Thatcher and Scargill

Deserved each other

Their battle lines were drawn

They went gung-ho

But the folk caught in the middle

Were the losers

Lost their jobs

Had nowhere else to go


Caring for each other

Is the issue

Always was

Until the end of time

On your bike won’t fix it

No matter how you mix it

Social care the issue

Every time

Brian Fahy

22 October 2021

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